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Physical Therapy Week Two

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This week I feel I like I finally hit my stride with physical therapy.  I felt like I was an actual athlete again for a moment.  That feeling is a high, let me tell you.

This time around, it is comforting that there is a plan in place.  It is comforting that we actually know what is wrong. 

In my first round of PT from July to October, I would go to each session and we would try so many different things, not understanding why I was getting so sick with standing up exercises, and why it felt like my body just kept breaking down and falling apart no matter what I did.  I was living in a fear-gripped bubble at each session, as I was being tested for MS, ALS, other neuromuscular diseases, nutrition deficiencies, vasculitis, etc (throughout the same time frame of these therapy sessions)…

Gyno and EDS

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Today I spent quite a while talking to my gynecologist.  I know it may be weird to some but I love my gynecologist.  He is in my top three doctors for the most kind, caring doctors I’ve ever seen (and as you know, I’ve seen a lot ;)

I made an appointment to see him after I returned from seeing Dr. Tinkle in Cincinnati.  One of Dr. Tinkle’s recommendations was to get on a second generation Progesterone birth control to see if it helps regulate my hormones and provides me with better joint stability.

Adios Week!

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This week was a struggle.  I think I cried more this week than I have in a long time.  I have been pretty quiet on the blogging front, because I have tried to take Thumper’s advice of, “If you can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything at all…”

On Sunday, I knew this week was already going to be tough.  I had gotten used to having Brad around the last two weeks, and I knew I would have to adjust to being on my own again during the day, since he went back to work Monday.  That in itself, got me kind of down. 

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