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A Better Thursday

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Where has this week gone?  Better yet, where has May gone?  I was just looking through my last couple posts, and realized last Thursday’s was not the happiest of posts.  And since, I am lacking the energy to blog about the other topics I want to blog about, I decided to recap my day; which happens to be a tad bit more uplifting than last week.

First of all, I did not get sick on any exercise equipment.  That in itself is a small victory. 

Home Rehab

Written by Katie. Posted in Physical Therapy

I have had some questions about what I do on my home rehab days.  As I have gotten stronger, I have been able to add more exercises and a few more reps.  My PT has discussed with me that less weight, and higher reps, help create energy in the tissue. 

I have learned on my own that one of the most important parts of rehabbing with EDS (for me) is making sure I work all areas of my body-arms, core, back, legs, neck…If I only work one area, the other areas start to feel like they are coming “unglued.”  I have also learned that rehab for me must remain very consistent.  Otherwise, within a few days of not rehabbing, I feel a lot more pain, and like my body is starting to fall apart.     

Five For Friday 5/13/11

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>My post from yesterday is back.  Everything with Blogger seems to have been fixed.

1.  Medical Stuff:

  • Abscess/Cellulitis on lip, was put on an antibiotic, and I am happy to report that it is working!
Don’t mind the fact that I look scary and miserable.  I am showing that my upper lip is almost back to normal.  Yay for that!
  • 2 Days of PT
  • 2 Days of home rehab

Technical Difficulties

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Up until a few hours ago, Blogger was down, not allowing any posts or comments.  It is back up and running, but what I posted yesterday disappeared.  The “blogger status” says that the data team is working on restoring posts, so we will see…

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