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A Saturday Night Q & A

Written by Katie. Posted in About Me, Questions

1. What would you like to appear in your hands right now? Something that would make my head and neck pain disappear.

2. What was the last thing you ate? Spaghetti made by the hubs himself.

3. What is your favorite episode of a tv show?   That’s hard.  The first few that come to mind are: 1)The Modern Family episode where the Dunphy kids catch their parents in the bedroom. 2)The Grey’s Anatomy episode with the shooting in the hospital.  3) The Friend’s episode where Rachel and Ross have their first date in the museum.  4) The Friday Night Lights Season Finale.

4. Have you ever ridden in a limo? Yup…For a couple of weddings, proms, and funerals.

5. Which is better, your cursive or your printing? A mixture of both.

6. What photos are living on your camera right now, waiting to be downloaded? They are all downloaded but still on the camera.  I want to put them on a CD before I hit delete.

7. How many pregnant women do you know?  2

8. Three things you did this past weekend: So far this weekend: Report Cards, went to church, and Skyped with my family in Philly.

9. If you could only visit three websites for the next month, which would you choose? Gmail, Facebook, and my online banking website.

10. What did your family do for vacations when you were a child? We went to Lake Leelanau every summer for a week.  Oh, how I miss those vacations.

11. Law & Order or Boston Legal? Really, I would not choose either one.

12. Do you mind if guests show up uninvited? Honestly, I like to know ahead of time.  That’s the type A planner in me.

13. When will you next travel by plane? Most likely to visit one of the states where my siblings live; Georgia, PA, or Maryland.

14. What did the last text message you received say?  It was a picture of my friend and her husband dressed up as Ninja Turtles.

15. When was the last time you got dressed up? 
Like, a dressy dress? In August at my bro’s graduation. Like, work dressy? Last Monday.

16. The perfect sign of affection is: A hug or a kiss or when Brad rubs my feet.

17. Do you use your real name online or do you go by a screen name? Real name, or “Life as a Zebra.”

18. What do you miss when you’re away from home? My bed.

19.What are you completely & totally over hearing about, reading about, discussing?   Conrad Murray.

20. Do you reply to comments on your blog? Sometimes. I need to get better about it.  But I read and cherish every single comment!

21. What are three things that you are looking forward to? 1) Sleeping in tomorrow and having a slow morning drinking coffee. watching the Today Show, and reading the newspaper.  2)Thanksgiving Break with my family.  3) Starting a family.

22. What is your favorite kind of tree? Hmmm, I’m not the most “naturey”person.  Probably the maple tree in our backyard that I can see from our bed.  In the fall, it looks like it is out of a photograph.

23. What is the newest thing you own? MSU BB tickets.

24. If I do anything well, it’s: Organizing, planning, making to-do lists, and/or worrying.

25. What is your favorite dessert? Pumpkin bars or cheescake.

26. Do you use a planner? Did you read #24? Of course I do.  I’d be lost without it.

27. What is your all-time favorite tv comedy? Friends or Modern Family.

28. What is your current obsession? Inspirational pictures, Amazon, and I’m predicting, soon to be Pinterest.

29. Three signs fall is here: Biggby’s caramel apple cider, all of the leaves in our backyard that need to be raked, asthma attacks.

30. Do you balance your checkbook or wing it? Balance.

31. What kind of grapes do you prefer? Red.

32.What is your favorite store-bought cookie? Oreos.  Double stuff.

33. What was your fifth grade teacher’s name? Mrs. Lewis.

34. High school was: A great time with awesome memories, but I would not go back if I had the chance.

35. Describe your dream kitchen.  Granite countertops, double oven, all new appliances, island with a sink, LOTS of cupboard space, a huge pantry.

36. What would you really like to purchase? Dress pants, new countertops, a new camera, a recumbent bike, an elliptical, another bathroom, a pool.

37. How many of your friendships have lasted more than a decade? Quite a few…mostly former gymnasts.

38. Are there times when you still feel like a kid? All the time.

39. What teacher from high school comes to mind first? Mrs. Herner. AKA Sue.

40. What magazines do you read? Us Weekly, People, Real Simple, Family Fun, and Consumer Reports



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