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Back At It…The Classroom in Pictures

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Here’s a quick tour of my Montessori classroom.  We start out with minimal materials on the shelves, and as more materials are presented, they are added to the shelves.  By the end of October, the shelves are full of Montessori materials (and the intro materials are put away).   I’m excited for the year ahead!
The room




The Counter. Work folders and journals.


Practical Life 1


Practical Life 2

Practical Life 3


Practical Life Handwashing.


Sensorial 1


Sensorial 2


Sensorial 3


Metal Insets


Language 1


Language 2


Language 3


The farm is used for the Function of Words




Computer Area


Math 1


Art Shelf


For painting


Puzzle Intro Shelf


Intro Shelf 2


Intro Shelf 3


Geography Globes & Puzzle Maps


The Closet. Classes in the past have named it "Ms. Katie's Store"


First day back!




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Comments (4)

  • Michelle


    It was so good to see you back at the school!


    • Katie


      Thanks Michelle!


  • Erin


    I LOVE your classroom! I am so incredibly happy that I found your blog. Your story sounds so very similar to mine and I feel like I can relate to you in so many ways. Currently, I am trying to student teach and it brings along many difficulties and barriers due to the crappy health that you know all to well… It’s nice to see someone accomplishing their dream of teaching, which in return gives me high hopes for the future!!!!!

    I wish you all the best 🙂


    • Katie


      Hi Erin! Thanks so much for the message! When I was on medical leave and barely able to function, I used to try and find success stories of people with POTS and EDS who were able to teach. I totally understand what you mean by the importance of hope! I wish YOU all the best and am glad we were able to connect! Zebras need to stick together…Especially teaching zebras! 🙂

      Let’s stay in touch,



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