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Our 2011 Rehash

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Just for fun.  And I even got Brad to play along again.

Did you keep your new year’s resolutions, and will you make more for next year?

Brad-I exercised more through the spring and summer and then fell off the wagon once school started.  So, my 2012 resolution is to exercise consistently, even when life gets busy.

Katie- I like to make goals to work towards instead of resolutions.  I accomplished over half of the goals I set in 2011.  I will be making 50 more goals for 2012.  Some will carry over from 2011.

In Honor of Memorial Day: An Essay to Remember

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I have talked with quite a few family members about the power and emotion that is evoked from this piece.  I have gone back and re-read it over and over again.  Some of you have already read it, but I know that some of you have not.  My sister’s boyfriend, Gabe, had posted this essay as a comment on a post I did about “What are awesome things in your world?”  After reading his comment for like the 37484 time tonight, I finally decided that it belonged in it’s own post.  It is something that I want to document so that I can go back and read it whenever I need a dose of what honor is all about.

An Ode to My Thighs

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To My Lovely Thighs:

When I started gymnastics, I quickly realized that I was one of the gymnasts with “the big thighs”.  I grew to hate you.  Through elementary school, through middle and high school, and through college, I always wished you would go away and I would magically wake up with skinny girl legs. 

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