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Five For Friday 3/31/13 & 4/6/13: Benefit Concert Edition

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Oh hey there, blog. Remember me?  Sorry for the neglect…Life is crazy.  I am currently living in benefit planning land.  It’s fabulous. Interesting. Intense. A blessing. Stressful. And at times, it can be completely insane. But instead of making excuses, I’ll get right to the last couple of weeks…This will be a combined edition.  The top 10 of the last two weeks.

1. Medical Stuff:

  • 2 sessions of Physical Therapy, with lectures on pacing, along with all of my exercises.  It is a beautiful thing when your therapist looks at you and says, “I know exactly what you need today. Sit down and listen.”
  • One trip to urgent care due to POTS, stress, exhaustion, and dehydration. (Cue the physical therapy lectures).
  • 5 Home Rehab sessions.
  • One telephone conversation with Dr. Larry about what I need to do for me to survive.

My Interview with Acclaimed Singer-Songwriter, Chris Trapper

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Last summer when I found out Chris Trapper had agreed to headline our 2nd Annual, Life as a Zebra Foundation Benefit Concert, I asked if he would be willing to let me interview him.  He immediately agreed.  Chris has been a source of support since even before we started the foundation.  He headlined our first benefit when Allie and I really had zero clue what we were doing.  Luckily, because of many people including Chris, it ended up being a very successful night.  Chris has done different interviews for us to help promote the concerts, and therefore the foundation.  He has been nothing but kind, open, generous, and encouraging as Allie and I work to hopefully make a teeny-tiny difference in this crazy, ginormous world, for a cause that is extremely personal to both of us.  Anyways, not only am I one of Chris’s biggest fans as a singer-songwriter, but I am one of his biggest fans when it comes to Chris as a person.

I hope you are able to join us at the benefit concert on April 13 to hear Chris Trapper’s beautiful music, and watch him mesmerize the audience as the expert performer that he is. If the benefit concert is not in the cards, do yourself a favor and check out his music…and check out his tour dates.  He may be coming someplace near you.  You won’t be sorry.

The following is my interview with Chris Trapper.

The 2nd Annual Invisible Illness Benefit Concert Launch Day!

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Dear friends, family, supporters, and fellow zebras,


After months, and days, and hours, and hours…and more hours of planning, we are finally ready to launch ticket sales for our 2nd Annual, “An Evening with Chris Trapper to Benefit Invisible Illness Research.”

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