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50 Goals Progress Report 10.5 Months In

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1.  Go back to work. I did! I’m working Monday-Friday until noon.

2.  Floss everyday.  I use floss picks inconsistently.  I must become more consistent since EDS affects my gums.

3.  Eat more vegetables.  Still doing better.  I am getting in a lot of salads.

50 Goals Progress Report 6 1/2 Months In

Written by Katie. Posted in Goals

We are more than halfway through 2011.  Crazy.  I figured it was time to revisit my goals and see where I am. 

Goals are a beautiful thing.  They keep me focused and driven. They keep me pressing on.  I am thankful for my many years as an athlete where we were expected to set goals regularly and keep track of our progress.  Goals keep me in the zone.
Dr. Lavallee told me at the end of my appointment in January to make sure I have goals set; both long-term and short term.  He stressed that is always important to be working towards something; especially when illness is involved.  I couldn’t agree more. 
It is interesting to look back and see the goals I set for myself back in January.  It is also interesting to look at the new goals I have set for myself 6 months later.  I have definitely learned that goals must be flexible and at times need to be altered as life happens. 
Anyways, here is my “mid-year” goals progress report.

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