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50 Goals for 2013: My Report Card

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My 50 goals for 2013.  It’s Judgement Day…

  1.  Make Life as a Zebra Foundation a 501 3c. Done!
  2. Raise more than $12,500 at our Invisible Illness Benefit on April 13, 2013 for Ehlers-Danlos National Foundation, National Dysautonomia Research Foundation, and Vasculitis Foundation. Yup! We were around $26,000 this year.
  3. Obtain sponsorship for the benefit. We had some awesome sponsors this year.

25 Things

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One of my friends emailed me a couple of weeks ago asking what would be my top 25 things that make me smile. Since she asked, I have found myself thinking about it quite often. I am here to say, it is not a bad thing to have to think about the things that make you happy; especially during some difficult, busy, flare-up weeks.

(Thank you, friend. You know who you are).

1. Hugs. Not weak hugs, but those really great, meaningful hugs.

2. Breakfast for dinner.

3. Music. All kinds. Especially live music.

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