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POTS in Art?

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"The Doctor and his Patient" by Jan Steen

I found it!  Ever since I saw Dr. Grubb last April, I have been searching for this painting.  Dr. Grubb had showed me this painting to illustrate how he believes this patient could be a patient with EDS type 3 and POTS.  This painting is from the Dutch realism period, and was painted by Jan Steen in the 1600’s.  The Dutch Realism period was a period when artists began to paint real life…even sick people. 

A Caring Comment

Written by Katie. Posted in Ehlers-Danlos Awareness, POTS Awareness

I was excited to login to my blog, and see a personal note from Dr. Driscoll herself about the progress, and developments of her research.  Dr. Driscoll is a zebra herself who devotes so much of her time advocating for, and researching various diseases and the possible connections between the diseases of Multiple Sclerosis, Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome, POTS, and CCSVI, to name a few… 

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