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Find a Place Inside Where There\’s Joy, and the Joy Will Burn out the Pain. ~Campbell

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I thought this was a fitting quote for prolotherapy.  Whenever I lay on that table, I try to concentrate on the happy things that help me forget the burning, the crunching sounds, and the pain from the needles.  Sometimes I think about the beach, which is definitely one of my top three happy places.  Other times, I chat about all different topics with Brad and Dr. Cantieri, which usually helps keep my mind off of the pain. 

Pain is inevitable, Suffering is optional. ~Buddhist Proverb

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Round 8 of prolotherapy.  Check!

Because yesterday was a half-day for elementary students in our district, Brad and I decided to go to Mishawaka for my appointment the night before.  Brad is from Canton and has been going to the same dentist all of his life.  He needed dental work done so he made an appointment for yesterday afternoon.  Therefore, our plan was to get out of school, drive to Canton for Brad’s dentist appointment, and then drive to Indiana for my prolo appointment (which was this morning).

Given the Choice Between the Experience of Pain and Nothing, I Would Choose Pain." ~Faulkner

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Last Tuesday marked prolotherapy, round 6.  Since MSU Basketball camps were over, and school was out, Brad was able to take me this time.  We decided to make a “pre-prolo” date out of it. 

Brad’s very favorite beer is Fat Tire.  The problem with this is that it is only sold in 20-some states, and Michigan is not one of them.  Since we have various social events and vacation coming up, Brad decided he wanted to stop and load up on Fat Tire since they sell it in Indiana.  So, as we arrived in Mishawaka we found a “beverage” shop and Brad was able to check his mission off our list. 

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