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My Week in Chapters

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Chapter 1: School

I told Zondra the other day (the afternoon teacher in our classroom) that I finally felt like the kids and I were getting into a rhythm.  She agreed that she felt the same way in the afternoons.

The procedures are established, the kids have adjusted, I have adjusted, and we are finally into the “meat” of things.  Sounds, letters, numbers, the 5 senses, pumpkins, art projects, storytelling, and the list goes on…

Fatigue, School, and some Randoms Mixed In

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I feel like I’m in a blog slump.  I’m pretty sure it has to do with energy, or my lack thereof lately.   I’ve been sleeping like a fool lately when I get home from school.  I walk in the door.  I rehab.  And then this tiredness hits me like a brick.  It’s a tiredness that I’ve never experienced before this year of sickness.  In fact, I wish there was another word for it because I feel like “tired” or even “fatigue” does not do it justice. 

Five For Friday + 1 9/10/11

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Late, late, late…I really need to figure out a blogging schedule, but in the meantime please continue to be patient with me.  I was told my blog content was a little “light” this week.  Hopefully, I will get into a groove soon so I can blog about more “meatier” subjects.  Right now, I am just repeating to myself over and over again, the good ol’ saying from Finding Nemo, “just keep swimming, just keep swimming, just keep swimming…”

Here’s my Five For Friday for the week.  It’s a special “School Edition.”

1.  Medical Stuff:

  • 1 day of Home Rehab.  This is unacceptable (I know you are gonna get me Katie if you are reading).

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