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Driscoll Theory

Written by Katie. Posted in Ehlers-Danlos Awareness

Whether or not this will prove factual, as more studies are completed, it is awfully exciting to me.  I have to say that a lot of what she says makes sense.  Thank you, Dr. Driscoll for your hard work and continued advocacy!

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  • Diana Driscoll


    Thank you for posting this, Katie! We are moving full speed ahead! I am working on Part 2 of The Driscoll Theory which explains how hydrocephalus, mast cell disorders and CCSVI are all related. Cool? Many of us go on to develop M.S. (where I was headed), and M.S. researchers have also had positive responses to treatment with this theory and will be joining me on some clinical trials. I can hardly wait to show you Part 2 and how most of the pieces of the puzzle were already out there, but they were scattered in the wind. We’ll line them up! Thanks again for your support. Gentle hugs…


    • Katie


      That is exciting, Dr. Driscoll! THANK YOU for all that you are doing. It is so appreciated from this fellow zebra. Love and hugs to you, Katie


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