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Fatigue, School, and some Randoms Mixed In

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I feel like I’m in a blog slump.  I’m pretty sure it has to do with energy, or my lack thereof lately.   I’ve been sleeping like a fool lately when I get home from school.  I walk in the door.  I rehab.  And then this tiredness hits me like a brick.  It’s a tiredness that I’ve never experienced before this year of sickness.  In fact, I wish there was another word for it because I feel like “tired” or even “fatigue” does not do it justice. 

I like to call it the part of the day when I hit the wall.  My brain seems to stop working, and I have a hard time finding the words I want to say.  It feels like if I don’t go to sleep at that very minute I will be all sorts of sick.  As in puking, fainting, and body aches…The best thing I can relate it to is the flu.


Has someone been spying on me when I get home from school?


Needless to say, lately my battery has needed some major recharging.

What else is there to talk about?

Let’s go with school.  School is moving along at a rapid pace.  It just blows my mind that it is already October.  I love that I am back, I love the kids that I have, I love that I get to work with an amazing teaching partner, and I love that I have such an awesome support system at the school.  With that being said, this is what I am constantly struggling with: I feel like I just don’t have enough time in the day/week to do what I want to do with the kids.  Thinking back, this is how I felt when I was working full time.  Now that I am working half-time with more kids than I’ve ever had before in a class, I feel like there needs to be 5 of me to get everything done that I have planned.  I’m desperately trying to figure out this dilemma.  This is what I have come up with so far…I think that I may start using some of my special (aka planning) time to work with groups of kids.  That way I can get to my kids more to feel like I am meeting their needs the best that I can, with the time that I have.

What else?  My stomach flair is getting better.  My stomach bump has been shrinking so I’m happy about that.  I had to laugh the other day.  My BFF, Meghan called and left me a message after reading my blog about her poop wishes for me.  It made me crack up.  Sorry if this is TMI but let’s be real, we all do it, and we all feel better after we do it.  It’s like when a kid in my class farts and everyone laughs.  I tell them, “Everyone does it.  We say excuse me and move on.”  The other day one of my little guys let out some air.  The little girl next to him looks at him and says, “We say excuse me and we move on.”  I was a proud, proud teacher in that moment.

Does anyone else watch Parenthood?  All I’m gonna say is I need a latte girl.

I’ve recently learned that I have readers in Chile, England, the Antilles, and Germany to name a few of the countries.  That’s crazy and cool all at the same time.

I need to do a goal assessment of where I am at with my 50 goals that I set back in January.  It’s been a while.

I keep thinking about how last October was my month of “rock bottom.”  It makes me so thankful to be where I am now.  It really is true when people say what a difference a year makes.

This weather makes me so very happy.  Sunshine, please, please, please stick around for a while.  You are loved.


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