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Five For Friday +1 10/26/12

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1.  Medical Stuff:

  • No PT.  My therapist was out of town all week.
  • 3 Days of Home Rehab.
  • I saw my OMM doc for a lot of cranial work.
  • 1 Diagnosis of Ringworm.  Awesome…I was the 7th in the class to get it.
  • Since I was banned from the classroom for 24 hours, I used Thursday morning to get my fasting blood work done and to pick up my new compression stockings.

Cute, huh? What makes this pic even sexier is you might be able to see my ringworm on my neck if you look real close 😉

2.  I got my new Escape!  I turned this loaner Taurus in…


For this…

My site would not let me upload pictures of the front (weird) so I had to snag this pic…

Introducing my new, “Healthy Car.”

3.  I had a meeting with Sebass, Inc. yesterday.  The owner, Sebastian, does all of my tech stuff, and also helps me with a lot of other business type things that I have no clue about.  We were pretty productive.  I applied for a Michigan non-profit corporation, I got my own EIN, I have started to get everything together to apply for my own 501 3c, I registered a new domain name for when I am (hopefully) approved, we discussed plans for the Invisible Illness Benefit Event website, and I set up an account for ticket sales for when we are ready to launch the site.

4.  Thanks to everyone who made my birthday special!  I am SO blessed.  One of the parents of two of my former students hooked me up with some new, super cute, zebra gear.

Thank you, VanHorn’s!

5.  It is that time of year again!  Report cards, report cards, report cards…If you need me, you can find me on the couch watching the Spartan’s, while getting ready for conferences…and probably napping.

+1.  I still have not posted about Boston.  It’s on my blog to-do list!

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  • Stephanie


    @ Katie… I love this blog. You are amazing and cannot wait to actually catch up with you. It will happen, I promise… Christine and I are plotting a Lansing trip when schedules settle down. Love you girl! Please keep the prayers coming, have had a few POTSY setbacks lately.
    @Tonya – I had to comment on this, because I have struggled with the same problem of thinking that I “should” be better after a year and a half. Unless your doc is a POTS specialist, or Dr. Grubb, then do NOT let anyone tell you how fast you “should” be getting better. You already put that pressure on yourself of wanting to recover and regain your life, of not understanding your own body, and to have your medical expert put that added stress on you will not help anything. Try not to let him get to you; it is not your fault if he does not listen. I have been extremely fortunate with my own doctors, but have seen that many physicians who do not understand POTS often become frustrated that they can not heal you completely or understand what is wrong, so often assume that it must be something the patient is or is not doing. With dysautonomia, this simply is not true. You can be doing the absolute best that you can, and it is enough, but POTS is a slow recovery process for many; I read 2-5 years on average in one study. You cannot rush it except to take each day at a time, and there is very little you can do to speed the process, except to do the very best you can to take care of YOU, which you are doing. You will have good days and weeks, and you will have really bad days and weeks. It is not an easy life to live, I know firsthand, but you will build such character as you survive the challenges that surface. Celebrate and maximize the good days, rest on the bad days, and realize that you are not alone, fellow zebra! Hope this helps. 🙂


  • Tonya


    @kate and Stephanie! Thank you do much! This made me teary. It’s comforting to know I’m not the only one that is slow. My dr has a large amount of pots patients but he himself doesn’t say he a specialist. He says he has a special interest in Dysautonomia. A lot of times I feel like he understands the mechanisms without understanding the effect of living with it. That’s something I have to talk to him about next appointment. Before that he’s make me do another sleep study blech and I’m strangely hoping its a bad night just to back me up!

    I hope you stop having flares soon


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