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Five For Friday + 1 9/10/11

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Late, late, late…I really need to figure out a blogging schedule, but in the meantime please continue to be patient with me.  I was told my blog content was a little “light” this week.  Hopefully, I will get into a groove soon so I can blog about more “meatier” subjects.  Right now, I am just repeating to myself over and over again, the good ol’ saying from Finding Nemo, “just keep swimming, just keep swimming, just keep swimming…”

Here’s my Five For Friday for the week.  It’s a special “School Edition.”

1.  Medical Stuff:

  • 1 day of Home Rehab.  This is unacceptable (I know you are gonna get me Katie if you are reading).

Want to know why this is unacceptable?  After 1 week of not doing rehab, I have subluxed ribs, a shoulder that keeps dislocating, and two big toes that won’t stay in their joints.  I am in the most pain I have been in, in a long, long time.  It is so incredible to me how fast my body starts to fall apart without doing my proper strengthening.  It reminds me of what Dr. Lavallee told me back in January.  He told me that if he goes three days without being in the gym, his body starts to come unglued.  Therefore, next week, I have no choice.  It is back to PT appointments and extremely disciplined home rehab.

2.  I am teaching 22 kindergarteners and 8 pre-kindergarteners every morning.  I teach from 8:30-noon.  My kindergarteners started last Tuesday, but my pre-kindergarteners do not start until this Wednesday.  I have never had 30 kids in a class before, so wish me luck for days FULL of energy and a smooth transition!

3.  So who is teaching in the afternoon, you ask?  My godsend, Zondra is team-teaching with me this year.  Zondra was the person who took over for me last year when I was on full-time medical leave.  I cannot even express how grateful I am that she is back, and willing to take over in the afternoons.  I think we will make a great team.  Plus, the kids adore her.

4.  Funny quote from the week.  At circle when everyone else was quiet and listening to how we line up to go home, one of my little guys yells out, “This is getting real boring.  When are we gonna get to the good stuff like playdough and chocolate milk?!”

Gotta love kindergarteners.  I had to bite my lip on that one.

5.  Something I realized this week.  Sleep really is my best friend.  I remember reading the part of my friend, Lisa’s book (she has Myasthenia Gravis) about sleep and how she needs at least 9 hours a night.  She asks her family and friends not to call after a certain time so she can get the sleep her body needs in order for her to work and function the next day.  This week, I have come to the realization that restorative sleep is one of the most important things for me in terms of functioning.  I have found that my body needs at least 9-10 hours of restorative sleep.  I’ve been getting about 8 at night and 2 when I come home from school.  I am thinking naps will have to become part of my rehab/treatment daily schedule.  This is ironic to me because I have never been a napper.  But then again, I have never taught with EDS and POTS.

+1.  Other observations from my first week back…

  • Kindergarteners are loving and they want to help.  Oh, and they love to play with my earrings.
  • Playdough really is the bomb in kindergarten.
  • I need to learn to kick myself out of school when it is time for me to go.
  • That the bathroom is the first place in the classroom I need to make sure I introduce. 😉
  • That it is hard for a “Type A” zebra to change her stripes.
  • That communication and organization will be key for me this year.
  • That I need to make use of every single second I am there.
  • That the staff I work with are amazing.
  • That the families I work with are beyond supportive and loving.
  • That I need to use my legs to bend down and not my back.
  • That I need to drink more water when I am in the classroom.
  • That I have to remind people that, no, I am not cured because I happen to “look great.”  That these things called EDS and POTS really are here to stay.
  • That I need to have HEALTHY lunches already made in the fridge when I get home.  Otherwise I will just crash without eating…Or I will eat a donut that a parent gave me because it was there.  Not a good habit to get into.
  • That this year I welcome help more so than I ever have.
  • That it is hard for me to ask for the help.
  • That I am proud to say I fought my way back.  At the risk of sounding corny, if I can, other people can too.

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