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Five For Friday 2/22/13

Written by Katie. Posted in Five For Friday

What a crazy, beautiful, exhausting week!

1. Medical Stuff:

  • 1 Day of PT.
  • 2 Days of Home Rehab.
  • Zero doctor’s appointments.

2. We are almost done filming the Life as a Zebra feature. It will air March 4, and I will post more updates as I get them. This week, Max was in the classroom filming a morning in kindergarten, he filmed my routine of getting ready to take my afternoon nap at home (Poor, Max…it took me 4 times. I could not stop laughing…like the side-splitting, gonna pee your pants, kinda laughing), he filmed me doing ordinary things at home like eating salt and taking my blood pressure, and he filmed me at physical therapy. He also did an interview with one of my co-workers and my physical therapist. All that is left is Allie’s interview and some wrap-up interviews with me, and as they say, it’s a wrap…

My Physical therapist getting interviewed by Max.

My Physical Therapist, Katie, getting interviewed by Max.

3. I saw Silver Linings Playbook last weekend and LOVED it. I am rooting for it to win best picture at the Oscar’s. I also bought Jimmy Buffett tickets for July 16! Thanks to my Dad, I was raised a Parrot Head and will always remain a Parrot Head. I’ve lost count on how many Jimmy Buffet concerts this will be for me, but I do know that the thought of standing on that lawn in Cincinnati, barefoot, in warm weather, with family, immersed in the concert party sounds like heaven to me.

4. My brother is returning to Georgia (Fort Benning) for Ranger School tomorrow! He has wanted this so badly, and I am so happy for him that he has been given this opportunity. Please keep him in your prayers for a successful, safe, and HEALTHY 2 months!

5. I found out this week that I am a finalist for WEGO Health’s, “Health Activist Hero” award. I immediately started crying, feeling so many emotions, so grateful, and so incredibly blessed. The other six finalists are amazing health activists and to be in their company is a huge honor.

You can check out the announcement, here.

Sometimes I have to pinch myself when I look around and realize all of the people in my life who support me~ ALL of me. To ALL of you, thank you for the constant encouragement…for nominating me…for working hard to understand my life with EDS and POTS…for embracing the foundation work Allie and I are doing…for helping me; especially through the hard days…for loving me…for accepting me…for inspiring me…and for believing in me.

I think I’ve already won.

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  • Olivia


    Hi Katie,
    I’m so excited to have found this blog. I can’t wait to look through it and see what someone else like me has gone through. My question is, how do you know how hard to push yourself? I could push, push that I feel like I’m going to pass out all the time. Or I could try to be comfortable but drive myself crazy not doing anything. I don’t know the in between. I can use all my energy exercising. I’m torn. :/ do you constantly feel symptoms? Is it good to do things where I feel tired but not so much it affects the next day?



    • Katie


      Hi Olivia! Thanks for reaching and out and for the kind words! Unfortunately, from my experience, I feel like there is no easy answer. I DO know exactly what you mean, however. It has taken me three years since my diagnoses to figure out a balance and there are still many days I do not get it right. What has helped me is to take an inventory of my energy in the morning and prioritize. Then I do the thing(s) I absolutely have to do, and if I start crashing, I know I have to leave the others for another day, or I will pay for it. As I have found more treatment methods that have helped, and as I have slowly rehabbed and become stronger, the amount of activity I have been able to do in a day has slowly increased (as you can see the key word has been “slowly,” and therefore “patience.”) I do always feel some symptoms ~ some days they are intense and can really put a stop to my day/plans/functioning, and other days they are just background noise that I can ignore and push through. It has taken a lot of getting to know my body, which again, has taken time, and a lot of trial and error. Sorry, that’s not more helpful. Keep me posted on how you are doing…You have a zebra friend here!


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