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Five For Friday 2/26/16

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1. Medical Stuff:

  • 1 Day of PT. I started more scap firing exercises, plus cardio, plus OMM!
  • 1 Day of Home Rehab. Treadmill at a high incline, light weights, light stretching.
  • I was supposed to go back to Mishawaka on Thursday to see the new doc I was referred to for head, neck, and jaw pain. Well, with the snow storm that hit us, that did not happen. I am now supposed to go March 11. Fingers crossed.
  • POTS insomnia has hit! Gah. It is one of the worst things in my opinion about POTS. I know enough now that it is a matter of riding it out…

2. I have wished and wished…and wished for snow days all winter. I had pretty much given up since I was outside in a tank top last weekend. BUT then the snow GODS delivered! TWO snow days in a row this week, which has resulted in a four day weekend. Such a teacher perk and gift! The lucky cartwheels worked like a charm.

3. I mapped out the month of March on our calendar yesterday. All I have to say is I know why they call it MARCH MADNESS.  This month is going to be all about one day at a time, one breath at a time. Please just let me get back to sleeping…

4.  A HUGE shout out to our new sponsors the last few week! Valley Hospital, BCN of Michigan, Twistars, Dr. DeWitt, DDS, Beals Institute, Wells Fargo…We definitely could not pull off our upcoming event without their support. Blessed!

5. And speaking of that event, one more week to get the early bird ticket price! But you can always make a donation to help fund Dr. Grubb’s groundbreaking POTS research. Here is the info!

You can buy tickets and/or make a donation here: Tickets & Donations

You can find full event information here: Full Event Information

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