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Five For Friday 3/11/16

Written by Katie. Posted in Five For Friday

1. Medical Stuff: It was just one of those weeks when I felt like a lived at the doctor.

  • 1 Day of Home Rehab. Treadmill! Side walking and backwards walking too…
  • I saw Larry on Tuesday. He just makes going to the doctor a blast. We laughed so hard as he worked on my neck, head, and jaw. He’s good for the body AND mind. Those kind of doctors are gems.
  • I had my second infusion on Wednesday. I am learning. Get it in my non-dominant hand, and I can still work on the computer. I did feel much better after both bags of saline.
  • Brad and I traveled to Indiana Thursday night for a Friday morning appointment with a new doc; Dr. Klauer who specializes in TMJ and sleep disorders. Wellll, after four hours, a VERY extensive exam, and going over all of the results, we came up with a plan: 1) I need a sleep study to see if EDS is affecting my breathing when I sleep. 2) I have a severe deviated septum and bone spur and need surgery. (Sigh). 3) I am having a new splint made for my jaw pain that will take all of the pressure off the back of my teeth and mouth to allow my jaw muscles and ligaments to relax at night. Let me just say that they did an amazing job, and I really liked Dr. Klauer, but as many of you know, having chronic illnesses is NOT cheap.

2. One of the ways we have been celebrating March is Reading Month is by having guest readers come in to our class and read to the kids. My kids LOVE this and it brings tears to my eyes when I see how much it means to them when a family member comes in to read. If you are local, and want to sign up, please email me! The more the merrier…katie@zebranation.org!

3. Zebra Zoom! Remember those amazing 12 year olds that put on a 5k last year for our foundation? They are back and are working hard organizing the second annual! May 14th! Save the date! These girls continue to blow me away!

4. I want to spotlight our headliner for this year’s benefit on April 16th! This will be singer-songwriter, Chris Trapper’s 5th year performing at at our annual benefit concert. He is just as great of a person as he is a musician, and supports us zebras in so many ways. We are really lucky to have him working for our cause! You can check out Chris’s impressive bio here:


5. You know I have to! So much work goes into this event by so many. It’s our baby and we are so passionate about it! Join us!

You can buy tickets and/or make a donation here: Tickets & Donations

You can find full event information here: Full Event Information

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