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Five For Friday 4/19/19 & 4/26/19

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  1. Medical Stuff:
  • Two sessions of PT. Still trying to get my lower back stronger and the pain under control. Labor did a number.
  • Lots of walking in the neighborhood with my home-dawggggg, Gru Gru. I keep trying to add more strengthening and stretching at home but I have not been super successful. It’s a new week!


  1. You guys, Lucia’s BFF (and cousin) has arrived. Introducing Nora Sundari Affandy. A teeny 5 pounder, with a huge warrior spirit. She is perfect in every way. Congrats to my sister, Allie, Gabe, and pitbull brother, Gru.Image may contain: 1 person, smiling
  2. We have been so BUSY. Easter weekend we surprised my Mama with a party for finishing her cancer treatment after six months with so much courage and grace. She’s the rock and glue of our family, has always been there for all of us, and it was time for us to celebrate HER. My sister, Kristen, BIL, Jake, and two nieces flew in from Philly for the party and for Easter which made it that much more special. The surprise was a success. Easter was another day full of family, fun…and firsts for Lucia. I went to church while Brad stayed home with Lucia (our ped told us to stay home because of measles…ughhhhhhh) and then 26 of my family members met for brunch afterwards at the Marriott. By Easter night, we were all barely standing, but certainly had full hearts.

Image may contain: Mary Dama, smilingImage may contain: 11 people, including John Dama, Mary Dama, Katie Dama Jaskolski, Brad Jaskolski and Kristen Dama, people smiling, people standing4. Three Months of Lucia (as of April 16th)

Firsts: crib naps. Has rolled over once. Little giggles. Church. Costco. Restaurant.

Loves: Bruno Mars and Chris trapper music. TV ????. Her swing mobile. Her giraffey wubbanub. Smiling. Baths. Being upside down. Sleeping on Mom and Dad. Sitting up. Airplane. Watching Gru Gru. Her singing elephant toy. Putting her lovey in her mouth. Mornings. TALKING. Aunt Allie raspberries. Indonesian chats with Uncle Gabe.

Doesn’t Love: sleeping flat. Sun on her face. Sleeping when she feels like she will miss something (aka FOMO). Gru kisses.

5. A quote that has been going through my mind a lot lately:

Never get so busy making a living that you forget to make a life.”

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