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Five For Friday 7/27/18

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1. Medical Stuff:

Quieter week, medically.

  • 1 Day of PT.
  • 3 HARD Home Rehab days. I’m loving the incline work. Feel the burnnn.
  • 1 acupuncture hour.

2. Well, it happened. I bought the first of my school supplies. Blahhhhhh. 60 glue sticks + 60 packs of colored pencils + 50 boxes of crayons + 40 boxes of markers + 30 notebooks + 30 folders…Don’t check my bank account, guys. SAD.

3. I spent the weekend with Allie in Chicago. I went with my bathing suit in hand, ready to pretty much live at her neighbor’s pool…but it was not meant to be. It rained pretty much the entire time. SO, we had to spend our time doing other fun things…like binge on Queer Eye, wear face masks, go to her really Target that I love, WIN 30 bucks at the casino, brunch and shop in the city, and snuggle the cutest pitbull on this planet. We won’t talk about my train ride home. All I will say is PUKE.

4. How, how, HOW is this cousin of mine on an official visit to Michigan State?!?! No pressure, Ian…but GO GREEN ????

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5. I love this.

Printed. Posted. Read DAILY.

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Comments (2)

  • Shaylyn


    Hi Katie!

    I just happened upon your blog today while looking into prolotherapy for EDS, and I was curious if you were still getting treatments? Thank you for having such a helpful blog! It’s been great going through all of your posts.


    • Katie


      Hi Shaylyn! I am, but not nearly as frequently. I used to get them every 6-8 weeks. Now, I go once or twice a year. I call that success! : ) Thank you for your kind words.



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