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Five For Friday 8/2/18

Written by Katie. Posted in Five For Friday

I’ve been on vacation…sweet, sweet vacation, so here is my up north version…

1. Medical Stuff:

  • NO appointments. First time all summer.
  • I joined a gym in Suttons Bay for the week to get my rehab done. I went three days, and each day completed 45 minutes of cardio, 15 minutes of strengthening, and 5 minutes of stretching. I was planning on going our last morning there, but my brother in law made everyone a huge breakfast that morning so the food won out…obvi.

2. So many highlights of this trip. Camp fires is one. Check out this picture. Missing a few who were in the house, but it makes my heart smile. A lot. Let’s just say nights at the beach house never suck.

Image may contain: 6 people, including Allie Dama Affandy, Brad Jaskolski and Katie Dama Jaskolski, people smiling, people sitting, sky, outdoor and nature
3. Then, the food. I probably gained 7674690821030 pounds, but isn’t that the sign of a successful vacation?! Everyday, we would go into town for fresh bread and produce…anddddd everyday, I would eat my weight in it. My Dad also would go early in the morning and get fresh donuts for the house each day. Then, there were the ice cream runs, smores, big dinners, and on, and on, and on…
I have put myself on a fruit/veggie smoothie diet until further notice. Oof.
4. Other highlights: our annual fishtown shopping trip, our day trip to a hidden sandy beach on Lake Michigan, boating and tubing, afternoons laying on the dock and floating in the water, reading, casino trips, and laughs…so many laughs with the people I love most. That’s my favorite of all.
5. My Aunt sent me this, with a note indicating it is perfect for us zebras… It’s beautiful and I wanted to share. Our world needs more of this.
Image may contain: text

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