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20 For My 20\’s

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What do you do on the last day of your twenties, that you can’t do in your thirties?  I have thought about that today but have yet to figure it out.  Anyone?  Or better yet, any advice on turning the big 3-0?

The following is a list of my top 20 most memorable events, days, occasions, etc. that have happened to me in the last decade of my existence.  (In no particular order).

POTS in Art?

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"The Doctor and his Patient" by Jan Steen

I found it!  Ever since I saw Dr. Grubb last April, I have been searching for this painting.  Dr. Grubb had showed me this painting to illustrate how he believes this patient could be a patient with EDS type 3 and POTS.  This painting is from the Dutch realism period, and was painted by Jan Steen in the 1600’s.  The Dutch Realism period was a period when artists began to paint real life…even sick people. 

My Week in Chapters

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Chapter 1: School

I told Zondra the other day (the afternoon teacher in our classroom) that I finally felt like the kids and I were getting into a rhythm.  She agreed that she felt the same way in the afternoons.

The procedures are established, the kids have adjusted, I have adjusted, and we are finally into the “meat” of things.  Sounds, letters, numbers, the 5 senses, pumpkins, art projects, storytelling, and the list goes on…

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