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A Different but Similar Perspective

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My friend Ila, who also has EDS and Dysautonomia recently sent me this blog post she came across to read (If the rest of this post is going to make sense, then you should read the post from the link above first).  I read it a few times, and have thought long and hard about this person’s perspective.  I totally respect what this person has to say and her experiences with both Dysautonomia and EDS.  There are so many things she says that I found myself nodding my head in agreement to.  However, there are a few things from this post, that I would like to just bring a different perspective to.  I feel that we must keep in mind that when someone blogs, it is one person’s perspective, based on their personal and individual experiences.   

I, myself, have to realize that when I post about EDS and POTS, it is from my experiences, and my experiences only; MY symptoms, My struggles, My triumphs, and where I am on the very wide spectrum of both disorders.  I know there are going to be things I say along the way that people disagree with, but when I started this whole blogging thing, I knew that was all part of the “game.”  


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There’s a lot I want to blog about, but yet I don’t want to blog about.  I know that doesn’t make sense whatsoever.  My mind is one, big jumbled up mess.  I hope you all reading will bear with me, while my “jumbles” start to straighten themselves out.

So I am going to just type random stuff, because that is how I roll today.  Very, very random.

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