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Soon Enough

Written by Katie. Posted in About Me, Challenges, Family

All I have to say is that at this point, planning a family, knowing I have EDS and POTS, is a very personal, sacred, and difficult decision…

for us.

I want to talk about it.

But I don’t.

So for now, I will save these conversations for my husband, family, closest friends, doctors, and shrink.

Soon enough.

We will get there.

We have faith that we will make the best decision for us…


In the meantime, this entry and this entry have really made me think.



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Comments (2)

  • Susan


    hun, I honestly believe you will make the right decision for both of you in your situation. And it will be tough and it will be wonderful!!!


  • Casey


    I have severe POTS and Chronic Fatigue, I just turned 30, though I came down with this illness after a virus when I was 20, which somewhat improved until I married my husband in 2004, and things became very stressful. We were surprised by the news that I was expecting a year and a half later. I was very concerned, I was basically bed-ridden, and did not know how pregnancy would go, or caring for my son after. Things improved during my pregnancy, and even a bit after, and though I still struggle a lot, I have an amazing five year old son that I adore and raising him has given me such purpose as I struggle at home. All situations are different, and I did not chose mine, and I had to go on on a beta blocker during pregnancy, but my son is perfect and healthy, and I am so blessed by him. Best of luck!


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