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Five For Friday 1/28/11

Written by Katie. Posted in Five For Friday

Overall, it has been a better week. I feel like I have been a rehab’n machine, which is good since my health is my job these days.

1.  Medical Stuff:

  • Had 2 sessions of PT. Had to wear my new shirt to PT on Wednesday:
  • Saw the GI doc at U of M on Tuesday, and was prescribed Domperidone for stomach flares.
  • Saw my new PCP on Wednesday.  He was very willing to learn with me.   I think he will be a good fit.
  • Saw the high risk pregnancy doctor on Thursday.  I learned quite a bit…Brad and I have a lot to think about.
  • Started Florinef and the Testosterone cream. So far so good.  No chest hair yet.
  • Did a lot of home rehab exercises including these…
 I have such a love-HATE relationship with these superwoman’s.
I feel like such a weakling but I gotta keep at it…Plus I’m taking Testosterone :)

Five For Friday 1/21/11

Written by Katie. Posted in Five For Friday

1.  Medical Stuff:

  • 1 PT session this week…my other appts were cancelled so I hit my exercises hard at home the best I could.
  • Got my new compression stockings.  They are thick like a sweater! Takes “compression” to a whole new level. 
  • Saw Dr. Cantieri for prolotherapy, Dr. Lavallee for EDS, and Dr. Halleran for POTS in Mishawaka/South Bend.
  • Was prescribed topical Testosterone and a topical pain med that I had to get made at a compound pharmacy.
  • Was prescribed Florinef for POTS.

Gyno and EDS

Written by Katie. Posted in Ehlers-Danlos Appointments

Today I spent quite a while talking to my gynecologist.  I know it may be weird to some but I love my gynecologist.  He is in my top three doctors for the most kind, caring doctors I’ve ever seen (and as you know, I’ve seen a lot ;)

I made an appointment to see him after I returned from seeing Dr. Tinkle in Cincinnati.  One of Dr. Tinkle’s recommendations was to get on a second generation Progesterone birth control to see if it helps regulate my hormones and provides me with better joint stability.

Five For Friday 1/7/11

Written by Katie. Posted in Five For Friday

Most of my week was medical stuff, so this one could be a tad bit boring…

1.  Medical Stuff: 

Physical therapy Tuesday and Thursday-Recumbent bike; arms only, unweighting arm work, back stabilization on half foam roller, whole body gym for legs with pelvic stabilization ball…We are trying to do the exercises in an interval fashion…2 mins of exercises, 1 min of laying down rest, 2 mins of exercises, 1 min of laying down rest….We are also trying to do exercises with high reps, and very low weight to “create energy in the tissues…”

Saw the pulmonologist for my annual asthma appointment.  Breathing looked good.  My doctor looked up EDS and did not feel it should have any effect on my breathing.  That’s a positive!

Mailed my records and my summary to Dr. Lavallee. 

Had blood work for my upcoming appointment about prolotherapy to check my free testosterone and total testosterone. 

Saw Larry and he did some cranial work. 

Went to the gynecologist to talk about birth control and family planning options. 

I weighed in at 120 pounds at the gyno and the asthma doctor; which is a much healthier weight for me than the 112 pounds I weighed in at this summer.  This is a picture from the summer when I weighed 112.  I think I look pretty gross. 

Funny how you try and lose weight all your life and then one day you find yourself trying to gain weight.  Life is crazy.

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