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Five For Friday 12/18/10

Written by Katie. Posted in Five For Friday

Forgive me, I’m a day late.  Had a yuck day yesterday-all hurricanes going at once; POTS, neck, Migraine, GI…Was on the massage pillow and heating pad most of the day and in bed at 8:30…Hopefully today will be a better day.

1.   Larry had me meet with a doctor from Minnesota who was in town for the weekend teaching at the MSU College of Osteopathic Medicine, Principles of Manual Medicine Course.  He spent an hour Sunday and an hour Monday doing visceral manipulations on me.  AND, his wife and daughter both have EDS! Visceral Manipulation is a type of gentle manipulation that helps relieve imbalances and restrictions in the interconnections between the motions of all the organs and structures of the body. (I took that from http://www.jeffreyburch.com/home/jb1/visceral_main.html).


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So, I think this merits it’s own special blog post.  After I got home from Fort Wayne today from getting a T9 nerve block, I had a message on my phone to call the famous Dr. Tinkle’s office. 

To back up, when I thought I was going to be diagnosed with Ehlers Danlos, I got back to hard core researching, and realized that Dr. Brad Tinkle is pretty much a God to EDS patients. 


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After 11 long months, I have my first answer.  I went to Cleveland yesterday to get the results from my autonomic nervous system testing.  I went into the appointment with low expectations, most of all to protect myself.  I had been through so many other appointments to only find myself frustrated and disappointed when I was told that the test results did not show anything.  The doctors would tell me to celebrate the negative results but honestly this was hard when I still knew something was really wrong, and I didn’t know what it was.  I would leave many specialist’s office feeling like a crazy person when I was told my tests were normal, or that they came back “beautiful,” while I was still having crazy symptoms that made me sick.

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