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Energy Smarts

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I had my monthly Larry appointment today.  At my April appointment, Larry graded my Apollo 13 homework assignment he had given me after I spent my March appointment with him in serious meltdown mode tears about life in general.  After I received my A++, Larry gave me another assignment, which was due today.  My assignment was to show some kind of scale that represented things I COULD do on a 0%, 25%, 50%, 75%, and 100% energy day. 

This assignment was meant to help me reframe my thoughts.  So instead of getting upset and saying something like, “Oh my goodness, it’s a 25% energy day and I can’t dust the house,” I could instead look at it as, “It may be a 25% energy day but I CAN do a load of laundry, some floor exercises, and post on my blog.” 

Five For Friday 4/15/11

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After a big week last week of Bob Seger and Philly, I knew I had to lay pretty low this week…Sunday and Monday I was a mess, but by Tuesday I was feeling a lot more human.  Hopefully these five won’t bore you to tears…Especially since I have only a couple of pictures.  Everything on my computer was wiped out yesterday.  I still don’t know why.  Sighhhhhhhhhhhhhhh…

1.  Medical Stuff: 

  • 2 days of PT.  Circuit work and elliptical work.  I tried to do the recumbent bike yesterday but I was “taching” too much (heart rate too high) so I had to stop.  At least I got in a good amount of strengthening before the POTS attack hit.
  • 2 days of home rehab.
  • I had my monthly appointment with Larry.  I turned in my Apollo 13 assignment, we talked about where I am at with my goals/progress, what to discuss with Dr. Cantieri on Monday and Dr. Grubb’s NP on Wednesday, and we figured out a plan for my continuing physical therapy.
  • After going over my sources of pain, we realized that EDS is affecting my jaw.  It keeps popping and subluxing, giving me some of my neck and jaw pain.  I am to wear my mouth guard more, and watch it.  If it gets too bad, I can be referred to a doctor who only works on TMJ problems.  I have also heard you can have prolotherapy on your jaw.  Hmmm… 
  • Larry wrote me a prescription for a new pain med cream I had to have made at the compound pharmacy to help with spasms; especially in my neck (since I HATE taking muscle relaxers).  He also wrote me a prescription for open toe compression stockings!
  • The good news about open toe stockings?  They are open toe.  The bad news about open toe stockings?  They only come in opaque, not sheer like my other ones.  I guess beggars can’t be choosers, right?  I am still waiting for them to come in the mail.


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If you recall a while back, at my last monthly appointment with Larry (Sports Med doc and the “captain” of my medical team), I was given an old fashioned homework assignment.  After having a mental breakdown in his office, he gave me this task…To watch Apollo 13, and relate it to my EDS and POTS by creating any craft project I want.  All he told me was he wanted me to pay attention to the energy conservation theme. 

I watched the movie on Monday (yes, I had a whole month and procrastinated until the day before just like the old days) and ended up taking 6 pages of notes.  It took me 4 hours to watch the 2.5 hour movie because I kept rewinding to make sure I had info, space lingo, and quotes correct.  Then I went to work on my “crafting.” 

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