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Five For Friday 7/3/20

Written by Katie. Posted in Five For Friday

July! It’s been over a month. I guess it’s time for another update, quarantine style.

1. Medical Stuff:

  • I am doing okay rehabbing at home. There are many days I would love to go in for OMM but I’m managing okay enough. I pray everyday that that will continue.
  • On a different note, I fell up the stairs last week and haven’t been able to put full weight on my foot since. Dance, walking, and running have been my lifelines during this pandemic so the last week has been HARD.

Five For Friday 5/22/20

Written by Katie. Posted in Five For Friday

Whoa. It’s been a while. Thought I’d drop a line and let you know five things that have been keeping me busy during this quarantine…72 days of quarantine so far to be exact.

1. I obtained the secret recipe for pumpkin bars. It has always been my favorite treat. I would bring it for my birthday in elementary school every year. Well, I got the recipe and baked those bad boys. The actual pumpkin bar tasted exactly the same as the OG but I quickly realized the frosting was too runny and needed some thickening.

I will be working on perfecting this nostalgic dessert in the next weeks.

2. In 2017, I fell in love with a workout class called WERQ in Illinois when I was visiting Allie. Every time I visited, I would beg Allie to take a class.

At the end of 2017 I decided I loved it so much, I wanted to become an instructor. I signed up to do the certification. But then life happened. Fertility issues. EDS and POTS flares. A high risk pregnancy. Postpartum recovery.

Throughout this time, Allie also moved back to MI so I had no place to go and get my WERQ fix, since we currently does not have classes. Therefore, my obsession came to a halt…

that is, until quarantine…

Without going to PT, and being stuck at home, I knew I needed a way to stay active to maintain my strength and stay out of my braces and wheelchair. I googled WERQ one day and saw that there were a few virtual classes. I started taking the classes during every Lucy nap in my basement. My love for WERQ was quickly reborn, and I started to feel that pull to want to teach and share that passion for dance and fitness again. I did some research and found that because of Covid, the certification process had also gone virtual for the time being. Allie and I talked about it, said YOLO, and signed up.

I studied anatomy for a month. I danced my booty off during every one of Lucia’s naps this past month (with a neck brace on to protect my joints) and to prepare for the certification process.

I am proud to say that after a whole lot of work (or WERQ!) and a lot of practice and studying, Allie and I completed the certification and we are officially WERQ Dance Fitness Pros.

I’m excited to see where this love for WERQ takes us.

It’s funny that as gymnasts we spent our free time dancing in our parent’s basement, and at 38 and 32, we are now able to teach others in their basements. Life can be funny.

I did this for me and am proud of myself…especially my zebra body. Stretch marks, loose joints, chronic illness, imperfections, and all…

3. I purged my house and organized the shit out of it. LIKE PURGED. I have trash bags full of stuff taking up my basement ready to be donated…as soon as donation places up…Marie Kondo would be proud.

4. I binged Schitt’s Creek. Except the last season because I can’t figure out how to get it. HELP. I need David and Alexis and Patrick and Ted and Moira and Stevie and Johnny closure.

5. I am working with a graphic designer to launch a new zebra shirt. Stay tuned…it should be up and ready this week.

Hope everyone is staying safe, sane, healthy, and well.

Much Love,


Five For Friday 12/20/19, 12/27/19, & 1/3/20

Written by Katie. Posted in Five For Friday

The holidays put me wayyy behind!

1. Medical Stuff:

  • I had three weeks off of PT. THEN, I received a letter that my PT will no longer be covered because some doctor who I have never met read a few notes from my file and determined I can do a home program. Gah. GAH. GAHHHHHH. I am currently fighting this and have my medical team fighting along with me. I will update when I can on the outcome. Sidenote: There are not many things that get me this worked up than insurance issues. The system is so messed up.
  • One shrink appointment. Getting my head on straight heading into 2020. Med management too.
  • I did not do too well with home rehabbing over the holidays. I got in 3, maybe 4 sessions in the last few weeks.  Oof. Back on the wagon now.
  • I’m probably forgetting something since it’s been three weeks but I’m too tired to get up and look. Anyone else just want a nap?

Five For Friday 12/6/19 & 12/13/19

Written by Katie. Posted in Five For Friday

1. Medical Stuff:

  • Two days of PT: Cardio. Strengthening. Manipulative medicine which has consisted of getting my stomach working, calming down my thoracic, and putting my first ribs back in place.
  • Five Days of Home Rehab. Lots more running. Lots more sweating. I love it.
  • One Infusion. They gave me a huge fluffy blanket and it was glorious. GLORIOUS.

Five For Friday 8/30/19, 9/6/19, 9/13/19, 9/20/19

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FOUR WEEKS. FOUR. That is a record! I’d like to say I’ve been slacking, but living in the moment, working hard to be the best Mama, wife, friend, and self I can be, and passing out by 8:30 is more accurate.

1. Medical Stuff:

  • PT. My hip is doing so much better. I think it’s a combo of things; eating clean, exercising, the right manipulative medicine, prolo, and holding Lucia differently. I’m feeling relieved to think that I finally turned a corner.
  • Home Rehab. I’m running again. Not all running but run-walk intervals and it feels pretty darn good. Also, strengthening and more strengthening.
  • A couple of shrink appointments.
  • Dentist appointment. 37 and still no cavities!

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