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Five For Friday 11/2/18

Written by Katie. Posted in Five For Friday

1. Medical Stuff:

  • Acupuncture on Monday. Laying on my back that long was uncomfortable. Was one of the only sessions I did not fall asleep.
  • Physical Therapy was Tuesday. I had more energy this week than I have had the last few weeks, which translated in getting a great cardio session in. It is amazing the difference in energy I have, depending if I do PT on Tuesdays vs Thursdays. By Thursday, I am running on fumes.
  • Was at the hospital most of the day Friday for a family member’s surgery. Luckily, all went well, and we will know more results by Wednesday. Prayers up!
  • Walks, walks, and more walks with my sister’s dog. It’s forcing me to get out there and move, I guess : )

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