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Thursday\’s Happiness Is…

Written by Katie. Posted in About Me, Random

Sunshine and 78 degrees.

Date night at Applebee’s and Target.

Pre-Kindergarten and Kindergarten hugs.

Friends and families who stop in the classroom just to say hi.

The happiness on the child’s face (who speaks minimal English) after she learned five of her colors today.

Friday Eve.

A good book (Signs of Life).

Listening to an old CD and remembering why I loved it so much years ago.  (Live Barenaked Ladies).

5 year olds who greet each other when they get to school.

Pumpkins and Bath and Body candles.

The announcement that a Friday Night Lights Movie will be made.

The pumpkin bars my Mom made.

A restorative nap.

Facetiming my sister.

A good hair day.

What made you happy today?


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  • Allie


    Hold the phone….. MOM made pumpkin bars? I must have read that wrong.

    Today’s happiness is…. Subway for lunch, a visit with Dr. Jesus, and OT hours coming together.


    • Katie


      Al, I figured you would be the one to comment that Mom actually baked something. She made them for a school meeting but there were leftovers. (Love You, Mommy)


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