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I like going back and reading these.

Some days you just have to do brainless posts…

date: Tuesday, June 26th.

location: in my driveway sitting in the glorious sun. 

weather:  GORGEOUS. Perfect.  Beautiful.  80. Sunny. No humidity.

reading:  Trashy magazines.  (I told ya, brainless…)

eating:  Nothing.  I would really love some chocolate but I am restraining myself.

drinking: Water, water, and more water.

enjoying: that I finally finished all 220 thank you notes for the Invisible Illness Benefit.  Yes, I know it was in April.  Don’t judge me. Better late than never, right?

thinking: I could really use a pool…Hopefully someday.  

loving:  that I will be in Philadelphia with “the girls” in 2 days!

wondering:  about my future, and my final grade in the class I just finished.

needing: to buy a weight belt, sports bathing suit, and goggles for my workout with my doc!

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